Friday, August 1, 2014

You know you're a storyteller if ...

Fifteen ways to know if you're a storyteller:

  1. You can retell a 30-second joke as a 20-minute story.
  2. When someone tells you a story, you tell them a story.
  3. When someone asks you a question, you tell them a story.
  4. Your children complain, "We've heard that story a hundred times!"
  5. You can differentiate between epic, fable, fairytale, folk tale, legend, memoir, myth, parable, saga, tall tale, and yarn.
  6. You have wondered why "fairy tale" is two words but "folktale" is one.
  7. You can't read a collection of stories without noting which ones you might like to retell.
  8. You know what "tale type 333" means.
  9. You have missed a highway exit because you were telling yourself a story.
  10. You don't let what actually happened get in the way of a good story.
  11. You like folk music because folk singers introduce their songs by telling a story.
  12. You don't have to Google "398.2" to know what you'll find there.
  13. When things go horribly wrong you think, "If I live through this it will

    make a good story some day."
  14. Your children have stopped telling you what happened for fear you will make an embarrassing story out of it.
  15. You are right now trying to think of another way to know if you are a storyteller. What is it?